Our Mission
As your business grows, transit issues can take more time and energy than what may be anticipated.  The Bruce Group has a tenured history of creating a logistics strategy that streamlines your transportation flow, simplifies your relations with vendors, customers, and carriers, and saves your company money.  We provide the systems, skills, and expertise to manage your supply chain, allowing your people to get back to business.

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  1. Full Truckload

  2. Flatbed

  3. LTL

  4. Expedited

  5. Dimensional


  1. Carload Services

  2. Warehousing

  3. Cross-Docking

  4. Supply Chain Management

  5. Multiple Transits


  1. Inventory Management

  2. Carrier Management

  3. New Market Distribution

  4. Vendor Management

  5. Site Analysis

The Bruce Group prides itself with the following advantages:


Strategic relationships with an abundance of global carriers providing access to an extensive equipment base.  The versatility of possessing multimodal options,  air, intermodal and LTL capabilities from a domestic and international standpoint present flexible alternatives.  Importantly, our committed personnel offers the client a single point of contact which facilitates communication throughout the duration of each respective shipment from origin to destination. 

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